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10 Carbs That Help You Lose Weight

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: March 28, 2016

Carbs are known for having a bad reputation in past years by turning into fat in the body and slowing down the metabolism. Fortunately, not all carbs are created equal and some can actually allow you to lose weight. There are a few important carbs to incorporate into your diet when you want to shed excess weight and achieve a slimmer figure.

1. Popcorn

Although popcorn can contain a high amount of calories when it’s doused in butter and salt, it can make for a healthy snack when it’s air popped for food that will allow you to feel fuller for longer periods of time. It’s a great snack to enjoy after dinner and can replace dessert.

2. Barley

According to Redbookmag.com, barley is a cereal grain that changes gut bacteria and can increase the metabolism. It is also known to reduce the feeling of hunger, which can allow you to consume less calories during the day by eating smaller portions.

3. Sweet Potatoes

This orange root vegetable is perfect to include as a side with your dinner and can help to regulate blood sugar in the body to increase the metabolism. This will allow food to digest at a faster rate for added weight loss that makes it easier to stay slim.

4. Green Peas

Green peas are proven to boost leptin levels in the body and reduce hunger levels. According to Shape.com, it also alerts your brain quickly when you’ve had enough to eat, which can lead to added weight loss.

5. Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a carbohydrate that contains a high amount of fiber and can improve your digestion, which will allow you to avoid packing on the pounds when you’re trying to lose weight when maintaining a clean diet.

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is a healthy substitute for rice and is a complete protein that helps you to build lean muscles while reducing the feeling of hunger after it’s consumed.

7. Plain Greek Yogurt

Plain greek yogurt differs from other carbs for its ability to reduce body mass index and body fat percentage due to the high levels of protein that it contains.

8. Whole Wheat Pasta

Men and women often steer clear of pasta when they want to lose weight, but whole wheat pasta can still be enjoyed for the high level of fiber that it contains to improve digestion and increase the speed of the metabolism. It is also known to contain two to three times more fiber than white, refined pasta and will allow you to feel full.

9. Oatmeal

This complex carb is filling and will allow you to limit your food intake throughout the day when it’s consumed for breakfast. Sprinkle it with dried or fresh fruit instead of reaching for the brown sugar.

10. Beans

Beans may be carbohydrates, but they also contain iron, protein, and fiber to allow you to feel fuller longer and also improve your digestion.



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