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20 Foods to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: November 07, 2014
Sometimes the hardest part about dieting are the cravings. Losing weight does not mean that delicious food has to be scarce. There are several delicious food options that are not only healthy, but also suppress the appetite.

The creaminess of an avocado comes from monounsaturated fats. The body takes longer to digest the fats and therefore suppresses hunger.

Vegetable soup is a very light choice that will fool the stomach into thinking that it is full in between meals.

Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese contains a good level of protein, particularly casein, which works very well when suppressing the appetite.

The texture of oatmeal comes from a soluble fiber known as beta-glucans. This fiber moves slowly through the digestive tract, which keeps the stomach full and content.

Ginger root assists with digestion and can be used in dishes to improve digestion and suppress the appetite.

Chicken takes longer to chew, which can fool the body into thinking it is full quicker. It also takes longer to digest and offers a lot more sustainability within the body.

Almonds are extremely filling and contain several antioxidants, Vitamin E and magnesium. They are a great snack in between meals to keep the stomach full.

Eggs keep the body sustained throughout the day much better than wheat products, such as bread or cereal. Someone who starts the day with protein-filled eggs will feel full longer.

Sweet Potato
Much healthier than a regular potato, sweet potatoes are great when trying to lose weight. The starch within potatoes work to suppress the appetite and re a great source of Vitamin C.

Dark Chocolate
A piece of dark chocolate can work to slow down cravings. The bitter taste of the chocolate signals the body to suppress the appetite while the steric acid slows down digestion.

Although it is not always tasty on its own, tofu is a good source of protein. The genistein within the tofu also works to lower the appetite.

Spinach is one of the healthiest greens someone can eat. It is a highly nutritious dish that works to keep hunger at bay for hours.

Apples are sweet and healthy, which makes them a favorite snack for weight loss. The soluble fiber and pectin within apples helps to keep a stomach satisfied.

A fish like salmon is very high in omega-3 fatty acids. Those acids work to heighten the amount of leptin in the body’s system, which is known for decreasing hunger.

Sprinkling some cinnamon over drinks or dishes can lower blood sugar while also assisting with weight loss as it works to keep the appetite controlled.

Hot Sauce
Spiciness fools the stomach into thinking it has eaten more than it has. Hot sauce creates heat in food that assists with overeating and keeps the body full longer.

Flax Seed
Fiber and fatty acids are combined within flax seed that keep the body fueled. Adding flax seed to other foods can suppress hunger throughout the day and help to lose weight.

The calories and nutrition within a salad will signal the brain that it is starting to get full before eating a full meal.

The consistency of rice is perfect for suppressing the appetite. It is also popular for individuals who want to lose weight because of its protein levels.

Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is high in protein, which makes it great for weigh loss. The thicker consistency also tricks the stomach into thinking it is full faster.

Some of the healthiest foods work to keep the appetite suppressed and the body in shape.



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