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5 Benefits of Naps

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: July 02, 2013

Do you find your energy disappearing about midday?

Although food can keep you fueled, your body in its natural state runs on a cycle that requires a break.

Most children automatically take the break with a nap. As people grow older though, the drive to stay awake longer, and the use of stimulants to do so, prevents napping.

A power nap, a planned nap of approximately 20 to 25 minutes, can put you back on track and has many benefits:

1. A nap makes you energetic and focused.

2. A nap breaks down vitamins and minerals crucial to body maintenance.

3. A nap improves mood by increasing serotonin in the brain.

4. A nap improves the senses and helps the brain make mental connections faster.

5. A nap provides these benefits without costing any money unlike stimulants like caffeine and nicotine in products such as coffee, cigarettes and energy drinks.



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