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5 Tips To Soothe a Sunburn

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: July 16, 2013

During the summer months, spending time outdoors often leads to getting yourself a tan, but not before experiencing mild to severe sunburn first. When you have a sunburn, soothing it can be done by using a few natural methods and techniques to help give you relief so you can enjoy the outdoor weather for the rest of the season. To help prevent sunburn from happening at all, it is important to wear sunscreen at all times when you are outdoors, even if you are not sitting in direct sunlight.


Use Aloe

Using an aloe relief gel is one way to help soothe a sunburn while helping your skin to heal. Slathering the aloe over your skin after spending a day outdoors will help to give you relief and a cooling feeling over your skin.


Apply real vinegar to the area of your skin which is sunburned. Wrap the area in a towel overnight and allow the vinegar to get to work, healing the sunburn and giving you the relief you need.


Soothing a sunburn can also be done with natural oatmeal. Use real oatmeal rather than instant oatmeal when you want to put this method to the test. Soak in a real oatmeal bath for anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to get the most benefits for your skin. Using oatmeal is a great solution if you have a sunburn that has overtaken your entire body.

Cool With Cucumbers and Potatoes

Because of the cooling factor potatoes and cucumbers have to offer, slice the veggies and rub them in various areas of your body where you currently have a sunburn. You can also place the cucumber slices on specific sections of your body for extended periods of time to assist with the relief of sunburn.

Black Tea

Soak two to three bags of black tea in warm water using a jug or a traditional pitcher. Apply the mixture to the skin using a washcloth or rag to give your skin some relief.

Using natural solutions to help with soothing a sunburn is not only healthy, but also saves you time and money from investing in different serums and relief formulas. When you use natural solutions that are found in the home it is much easier to enjoy being outdoors even in hot sunny weather during the summertime.







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