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5 Ways to Beat Bloat

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: February 11, 2014

When your favorite jeans are too tight for comfort or your rings won’t slip on and off easily, you may be experience a common condition that is caused by fluid retention. Fluid retention, often called bloating, affects nearly everyone at some point. Fighting bloat is a challenge that is best met by making several changes to your diet and lifestyle. The causes can include eating too much sodium, poor nutrition or even dehydration. The solution is to determine which remedies work best for you.

Skip the Pasta

Pasta, whole grains and some types of vegetables can cause excess gas and bloating. Broccoli, cauliflower and beans or legumes are the most common culprits of bloating caused by gas. You may find that you react differently to foods than others. Watch your diet to identify the foods that cause bloating and try to limit them to special occasions.

Cut Salt

Salt is hidden in most processed foods so make sure that you daily sodium intake is within the recommended range if you have been fighting bloat. Sodium can also be found in expected places, such as sweetened colas or energy drinks, so make sure to read labels when you want to cut sodium.

Drink Water

Although it sounds like a contradiction, water is a natural diuretic that can minimize fluid retention. Aim for the daily recommended amount, usually sixty-four ounces a day for adults, to stay hydrated and keep bloating minimal. Adding lemon or other citrus fruits is an excellent way to add some flavor to water without adding too much sodium to your diet.


Walking is a simple solution to reducing fluid retention. Most experts recommend at least sixty minutes of exercise three times a week. Walking, and sweating, can help your body process, digest and eliminate fluids, which reduces the amount that you have stored in your body. Walking will also help clear the digestive tract to help eliminate bloat that is caused by gas.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

While some people can’t have sugar due to health conditions, such as diabetes, it is preferable to have a small amount of sugar rather than an artificial sweetener when gas or bloating are causing problems. Artificial sweeteners are known to cause gas and bloating because they can’t fully be absorbed by the body. There are plenty of other options available, including honey, organic cane sugar or stevia, that won’t cause you to retain fluids.



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