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5 Ways to Bring the Spark Back in Your Relationship

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: February 14, 2014

You probably understand that the longer a relationship marches on, the higher the chances will be that the flame will dull and the connection will lose its luster. A relationship does not thrive on its own simply from existing; it must be nurtured and constantly worked on to ensure its sustenance. If you find that the spark just isn’t there anymore in your relationship, it very well may be time to bring in these five reinforcements to help rekindle those old feelings.

Revert to Your Pre-Relationship WaysWhen many people find themselves in a stale relationship, they often look back and long for the fire that they shared with their significant others before they actually entered the relationship. Instead of longing after that connection, create it! There’s nothing wrong with sending your significant other a flirtatious text message while the both of you are in the company of others. Maybe catching their eyes across the room and winking can be enough to create a mysterious and exciting dynamic!

Bring the Passion Back to the Bedroom

Many relationships fail because of nonexistent or boring sex lives as well. Maybe you and your honey have fallen into a boring routine that you robotically follow every time the two of you enter the bedroom. Instead of simply going through the motions or even avoiding sex altogether, enlist the help of a little bit of spontaneity. Try new things, and dare to get sexual in places that you’ve never been intimate.

Find a Hobby You Can Both Enjoy

If you’re struggling to keep your relationship afloat, there’s a good chance that you and your significant other don’t spend much time together. This is a great opportunity for the two of you to find a hobby or pastime that you both can derive enjoyment out of. Maybe the two of you can periodically play video games together or sign up for dancing class. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it’s something that the both of you can be equally as interested in.

Surprise Them with Gifts

This is another tactic that also somewhat coincides with spontaneity. Relationships fail from boring routines and lack of excitement. Everyone enjoys receiving presents, and if they’re planned out with adequate thought, they can surprise and make a person very happy. Consider gifting your significant other with something that they’ve wanted for a long time or a homemade card. Don’t let them know that you plan to give them anything; you want them to be surprised and delighted when you eventually give it to them.

Appreciate Your Significant Other

Lastly, stop taking your  wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend for granted. Maybe your significant other is almost always responsible for taking out the trash or washing the dishes. Instead of falling into a mode where you simply expect these gestures, begin helping them out with them. You could periodically do these things for them, or take them out on a fun night to show them that you care. The overall idea is to show your appreciation and let them know that you notice and are thankful for all that they do.

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