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5 Ways To Treat Psoriasis at Home

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: June 18, 2016

Before you panic and rush to the nearest clinic, remember that psoriasis can be treated at home. Observing the onset of psoriasis and its early symptoms enables you to treat it with the right procedures and medication before it worsens into a more serious state. Here are five ways you can do to treat the health condition and live a life free of psoriasis’ unbearable symptoms.


Psoriasis is a recurring condition that involves the autoimmune system. A defining characteristic of psoriasis is the reddish, flaky spots on the skin. While it takes more than just dry skin to get psoriasis, which actually starts deep in your immune system, avoiding this common causative factor will reduce your risk of getting the condition. Apply moisturizing cream on the affected area and use a humidifier in your home or office if necessary.

Take Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements can ease the internal symptoms of psoriasis and allow you to live a life free of the irritating and debilitating symptoms of the condition. Fish oil and Aloe Vera are some of the popular products taken by people suffering from psoriasis. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, these products along with others, like evening primrose oil and vitamin D, can assist in treating mild symptoms of psoriasis.

Eat the Right Stuff

Keeping your psoriasis at bay requires a good dietary regimen. Discard any red meat and fatty foods that do not offer any nutritional value to your diet. These snacks not only provide minimal nutrition but can also trigger onset of psoriasis symptoms, like redness and itchiness. Fresh fish, nuts, and legumes are high sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are prized for their inflammation-reducing attribute. Reducing the inflammation also reduces the tendency of the individual to scratch and further damage the skin’s integrity.

Lower Stress Levels

Stress can lead to recurrence of psoriasis symptoms, which in turn leads to more stress hence starting a seemingly endless vicious cycle. Lower stress by avoiding common stressors in your life, such as overtime at work or a person you always get into an argument with. Furthermore, incorporate regular sessions of yoga and meditation to calm the senses. Reduced stress enables your body to heal itself more effectively.

Cut Back on Bad Habits

Alcohol and smoking are habits that can exacerbate psoriasis. If you smoke or drink alcohol, you’ll either increase the risk of contracting the condition or worsen the symptoms that come with your present psoriasis. These habits, over time, can weaken your immune system thus disabling your body from tackling the root cause of the condition effectively.

Psoriasis can be irritating and stressful, yet there is no reason why you cannot live comfortably with it. If the five psoriasis treatment options are unsuccessful, seek the help of a dermatologist. Keep in mind, also, that any intensive home treatment options you are about to try should be consulted with a medical professional beforehand as some medication and procedures can interfere with other health conditions you may be suffering from.




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