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8 Top Diets of 2015, According to Google

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: December 29, 2015

With Google releasing its annual list of the most popular searched diets, some of the results are surprising. Below are some of the top searched diets of 2015.

1.20/20 Diet.

Dr. Phil’s latest book, “The 20/20 Diet” suggests that its readers will discover 20 key foods that theories indicate they may help to boost metabolism as well as help you feel full. The book seems to be a success guide as the plan had dieters lose one to two pounds per week.

2.The Carb Cycle Diet.

Carb cycling involves high-carb and low-carb days.High-carb Days are characterized by eating more carbohydrates like pasta, rice and potatoes as long as you get involved in a weight lifting workout. Whereas, low Carb days involves low intake of carbohydrates by opting to take vegetables, fats, and proteins.

3.Paleo diet.

It is a diet that encourages people to eat fresh and natural foods while avoiding refined and processed foods. It consists of foods that can be fished, hunted and gathered such as seafood, meat and nuts respectively. It is an eating plan that takes dieting way back to the ancient times.

4.The GM Diet Plan.

The GM Diet Plan was developed by the General Motors to help its employees lose up to 10 to 17 pounds in just a week. It recommends low-calorie intake and strict meal options. It includes drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables and fruits.

5.Military Diet Plan.

This is a dieting plan that will have dieters lose up to ten pounds of weight in just a week without having to endure strenuous exercise or prescriptions. The diet is a three-day plan with no guidance of what to eat during t the other four days.

6.The Atkins Induction Diet.

Also known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach, the Atkins Induction diet is a two-week introductory phase to the Atkins Diet. It restricts carb intake.Therefore, dieters eat a lot of cheese, meat and eggs.

7.500 Calorie Diet.

The 500-calorie diet is simply taking 500 calories each day. This means that you cut out fats, starch and alcohol while focusing on eating lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

8.7-Day Soup Diet.

The 7-Day Soup Diet is a dieting plan that involves drinking (eating) several bowls of soup daily for one week. Variations to this diet may include the vegetable soup, the cabbage soup diet and the bone broth diet.



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