9 Foods to Remove From Diet for Optimal Health

Reviewed: August 02, 2013
By eHealthIQ
9 Foods to Remove From Diet for Optimal Health
There are several foods that individuals should avoid eating to remain in optimal health. It is important for individuals to consume lean proteins, dairy products, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. In addition, people must become vigilant about reading labels to avoid foods containing coloring agents, artificial flavorings, excess calories, salt and sugar.

Food One: Pork and Turkey Bacon

Both turkey and pork bacon are loaded with nitrates, sodium and fat. There are several varieties of brining ingredients used to cure bacon such as erythorbate, ascorbate, potassium or sodium. Recent medical studies reveal that nitrates in preserved meats including bacon can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Food Two: Cookies

Packaged cookies in grocery stores often contain high fructose corn syrup instead of white cane or brown sugar. This is because high-fructose corn syrup is a less expensive sweetener for food manufacturers to use. Individuals can make homemade cookies with traditional sugar instead to avoid this ingredient.

Food Three: Frozen Meals

Several food manufacturers market frozen meals that are heated in ovens at home. Unfortunately, the freezing process causes precooked foods to lose flavor. Companies add artificial flavorings, salt, fat and sugar to make the food tasty to consumers. It is healthier to make frozen meals at home with leftovers stored in freezable containers.

Food Four: Corn Chips

Corn chips are a popular snack food served alone or with dips. However, this food is high in trans fat that leads to heart disease. In addition, corn chips are high in sodium and may contain gluten.

Food Five: Salad Dressings

Eating dark green leafy vegetables is an excellent way to get vitamins and minerals. However, pouring high fat salad dressings on salads adds many unhealthy calories to nutritious lettuces. Learn how to make salad dressings at home with low calorie ingredients.

Food Six: Dried Fruit

Artificial preservatives such as sulfur are added to dried fruit products to help it maintain its shelf life and bright colors. In addition, sugar is added to dried fruit to increase its natural sweetness. Real fruit including bananas and oranges are a healthier choice.

Food Seven: Fresh Apples

After researchers tested several fruits and vegetables in grocery stores, a study revealed that many varieties were coated in pesticide residue. The produce that has the most pesticide coating its surface is apples. Consumers can choose to buy organic apples instead to help prevent ingesting pesticide.

Food Eight: Canned Soup

Soup cans are frequently lined with an epoxy resin that contains bisphenol A. Researchers have discovered that this chemical mimics hormones causing health concerns for many individuals. BPA may lead to gaining weight, neurological issues or thyroid difficulties.

Food Nine: Microwave Popcorn

Packaged microwave popcorn is a tasty snack loaded with artificial ingredients, salt and cooking oil. The delicious butter flavor in this food is from diacetyl that causes lung cancer for factory employees who work in popcorn manufacturing facilities. It is easy to prepare natural popcorn in a microwave oven with a special container.



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