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Benefits of Pumpkin

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: September 25, 2013

Pumpkin is a savory fruit, and it is actually a member of the squash family. It’s often used just for carving, but pumpkins have a ton of health benefits and uses for inside of your body and the outside. It’s surprisingly good for dogs, and it is coming into season right about now. Here are the benefits of pumpkin.

It’s High In Fiber

The high-fiber content of pumpkin is good for you and your dog. Dogs often don’t get enough gentle fiber for their sensitive stomachs, but pumpkin is tolerated extremely well amongst humans and canines. When you’re baking yourself some pumpkin for cooking, be sure to set aside some of it for your canine friend too. They can eat it as long as it is plain. The serving should be relative to their body weight.

It’s Incredible For Your Skin

Pumpkin is calming, and it can reduce redness and irritation quite easily when applied to the skin. You can make a homemade pureed honey and pumpkin mask and apply it directly. You can also use pumpkin-seed oil to heal the skin. It’s packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, but it also has a ton of zinc.

It’s Loaded With Zinc

Eating pumpkin seeds is the best way to get your daily dose of zinc. Zinc is a necessary mineral that the body needs in order to heal. Zinc consumption can also help fight off colds and heal skin. When you apply pumpkin-seed oil to your skin, your skin gets the zinc benefits. When you eat pumpkin seeds, you get the huge dose of quality iron and zinc that your body needs to heal.

It’s A Native American Plant

Pumpkin is native to the Americas. You probably didn’t know that before reading this. Pumpkin is an amazing little plant that is native to the country, and it gives you even more reason to purchase organic pumpkin during pumpkin season.

You Can Cook It Easily

Cooking and eating pumpkin doesn’t take a lot of work. You just cut it in half, gut the insides and bake each half for roughly an hour. Keep checking on it to see when it reaches the desired softness. Larger pumpkins need longer cooking times. You can also roast the seeds anyway you prefer. They should be cleaned and then you can sprinkle them with toppings and flavorings. Nearly all of the pumpkin can be used.



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