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Benefits of Red Wine

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: August 03, 2013

Physicians and individuals have long been aware of the impressive health benefits of drinking red wine. Alcoholic beverages in moderation have a number of health benefits that can extend to anyone over the age of 21, or the legal age of drinking in your area. Here are some of the incredible benefits of red wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Antioxidants Galore

Red wine is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids. Red wine also has resveratrol. These compounds are good for your heart health, and they promote anti-aging properties in the body. These antioxidants help protect the lining of your heart vessels and arteries.

Drink The Right Amount

A four-ounce glass of wine is the recommended amount for health benefits. Men can have two glasses to reap the benefits of drinking red wine. Drinking too much can spike fat levels in the bloodstream. This can lead to a number of health problems. Drinking in moderation is better than binge drinking. If you do not currently drink alcohol, it’s best to avoid it altogether. Drinking too much can cause malnutrition because you fill up on alcohol instead of nutritious food. Be sure to eat a balanced diet.

Beer Is Also Good For Your Health

Beer contains high levels of silicon. This can be great for your bone density. Drinking up to two beers per day has been shown to increase bone density and reduce fractures, but more than that and you put yourself at risk for breaks and fractures. Wine is also good for building bone density.

Healthier Kidneys

Most people wouldn’t associate alcohol consumption with healthier kidneys. The water content is one possible reason that beer is beneficial to kidneys. Beer also stops calcium from leeching from your bones. This can prevent kidney stones and other bone-related problems.

Healthier Brain

Having one drink per day is shown to increase brain health. There is about a 20 percent reduction in Alzheimer’s risk for those who drink in moderation.

Beware Of Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has its benefits, but too much alcohol is never a good thing. Drinking too much of it can cause weight gain, health problems and make you prone to getting sick easily. Drinking a nice glass of wine with an unhealthy meal doesn’t negate the unhealthy meal. Alcohol is only healthy when it is combined with healthy lifestyle choices that include a good diet and exercise.







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