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Better Bone Broths

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: August 07, 2015

Bone broth can be used instead of chicken, meat or any vegetable broth. Before beginning with the benefits, bone broth is easy to make. The following recipe was taken from Paleo Leap:

1) Place big bones (quite a few; try four or five if really large) in a crock-pot or large stew pot on the stove.
2) Fill with cold water and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the water. This draws the nutrients out.
3) Marinade for 4 hours if the bones are from a chicken. Six hours minimum if the bones are tougher. However, the broth can stew for up to forty-eight hours before it is done. Make sure to add water if going to forty-eight hours.

Seasoning can vary from person to person, but never add salt to the broth. Always add at the end, when the soup is ready.

The first reason to have more bone broth is all the nutrients in the broth. Two important ones are glycine – which helps the body make collagen and detoxification – and proline – which builds and strengthens cell structures.

A second reason to make more bone broth is that it’s fairly inexpensive. Buying meat with bones is one way to get the bones. Another way is to go to any butcher and ask to buy the bones. Any butcher would be incredibly happy to sell bones for a low price. If the butcher happens to be a good friend, the bones might be free.

There is plainly more flavor and nutrients to a bone broth, for a third reason (explained here). Store bought broths are meant to be for lighter tastes and often have been very highly processed. This process often gets rid of all or most of the flavor and nutrients. Gelatin, for example, is more abundant in a homemade bone broth. In return, the homemade broth has much more protein to fight joint disease and help hair and fingernails grow.

Reason four is that bone broth has a medicinal history. Bone broth offers helpful bacteria and healthy fats (yes, there is such thing as a healthy fat) that help restore gut balance. It has been called a fast food that requires a little planning, but it contains collagen that helps to revive the gut lining.

A fifth reason for eating more bone broth is the sheer volume of nutrients. There is a reason that soup is a go to for feeling under the weather. Ancient humans used to do it to use every part of whatever happened to be for dinner that night, and probably had no idea how healthy it really was.



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