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Cancer Fighting Food-Broccoli Sprouts

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: November 04, 2013

Broccoli sprouts are not the same as chopped broccoli or broccoli spears. Rather, these are the sprouts that some people overlook, even though they are filled with cancer-fighting goodness.

According to naturalnews.net, it’s best to get these from your local health store, where they can give you proper care information. They should be certified organic, so you don’t have to worry about unsanitary runoff water or unsanitary harvesting procedures contaminating the seeds you’re going to use. You can also check the organic aisle of your grocery store to see if they keep them in the sprouts section.

Not only do these sprouts fight cancer, but they also promote more antioxidant activity throughout your body. The main phytochemical responsible for this is known as sulforaphane. Clearly, if antioxidants are working more effectively throughout your system, then you’re going to fight off diseases and viruses more easily.

Specifically, your liver is going to detoxify the items that come through it on a daily basis and get rid of these toxins before they can harm you, according to whfoods.com.

As far as meeting the recommended amounts of vitamins each day, broccoli sprouts go a long way according to fitday.com. In a single ounce-size serving, you’ll get 15% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, as well as 2% of the daily calcium and 4% of the daily fiber you should have.

While broccoli is a well-known cause of flatulence, broccoli sprouts actually aid your gastric system and help prevent ulcers. Studies have even shown that the sprouts can assist those who suffer from asthma because it eliminates respiratory ailments. When your airways aren’t getting hammered by the asthmatic substances and germs, they are able to heal and this is just another benefit of eating this specific food.

As far as getting your kids to eat them, this should be a bit easier than regular-looking vegetables. Because these look like grass or alfalfa sprouts, you can have a lot of fun by giving them other names and the kids should enjoy the taste as well.

Find out how you like broccoli sprouts by tossing them on top of your next salad, deli sandwich or even steamed. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel better from the inside out.



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