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Eating Mindfully this Holiday Season

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: December 21, 2016

The holidays are an easy time to forget about mindful eating and simply eat all the delicious holiday foods that are bound to be around. However, you can still enjoy this holiday season’s food while not going out of control. Mindful eating is paying attention to what you’re eating, and getting rid of distractions during your meal. It’s a way of eating where you are thoughtful about your meal in an effort to be aware of how you’re feeling while you’re eating. Here are some tips and tricks to eating mindfully this holiday season:

  • While it’s easy to get caught up in the discussion around you at holiday dinners, try to notice how quickly you’re chewing. If you notice you’re going through your meal rather quickly it may help to slow down.
  • Set your phone timer to 20 minutes and take the entire time to eat your meal. It helps that there will be so many conversations going on that you can take part in while you slow down your meal.
  • Eat with your non-dominant hand. So if you usually eat with your right hand, try eating with your left hand instead. It will be more difficult than eating with the hand you usually use, but that’s the point. The goal is to have more opportunity to check in with your body.
  • Pay attention to your how full you are. Ask yourself if you’re full yet or honestly still hungry. Rather simply going through the motions bite after bite. The goal is to eat until you’re full, and if you are full then make an effort to stop eating.
  • Take breaks in between bites. This can be going for a walk around the room or just take a few breaths in between breaths is beneficial in slowing down.
  • Eat what you’re craving. If you’ve been eyeing the pumpkin pie all night but try to satisfy it by eating rolls with cranberry sauce instead you might end up eating more to make up for it. So rather than eating more of something that isn’t quite hitting the spot but isn’t as bad as what you want, you may be better off eating what you’re craving. Plus, your mind won’t be occupied with pie and you’ll be able to focus on your meal more.

In conclusion, mindful eating is important all year around but is especially important during the holidays when we are all prone to overeating. Hopefully these tips will help you continue or even start eating mindfully this holiday season.



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