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Go Green! Healthy Green Fruits and Veggies

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: June 21, 2013

It should come as no surprise that many of the healthiest foods are green. When you were young, your parents were constantly telling you to eat your greens so you could grow up strong. There is actually some truth to this. Eating some green fruits and veggies provides tremendous health benefits.

Avocado is by far one of the healthiest green foods, especially as it is an excellent source for healthy fats. Eating one of these a day can lower your cholesterol and provide you with a dose of Vitamin E. You can spice up any sandwich with a delicious avocado slice! You can also add some avocado to a salad, taco or soup.

Kale is loaded with benefits, included beta carotene, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Cooking just half a cup of this vegetable will supplement your meal nicely and give you a healthy dose of fiber. Kale’s vitamins and minerals benefit your hair, eyes and skin in addition to giving you strong bones.

– Popeye isn’t the only one who can benefit from a hearty serving of spinach. Whether you eat it cooked or in a raw salad, spinach is dense in nutrients. Spinach is high in fiber and low in calories, providing a dose of Vitamin C and beta carotene. The high doses of potassium and Vitamin K are perfect for protecting your bones and the fiber and Vitamin B will aid your circulatory system. Combining spinach with spring mix and bell peppers is a great way to make a zesty salad!

– Though they are small, kiwi fruits actually pack quite a punch. Kiwis provide way more Vitamin C than you need in one day and way more potassium than a banana. These fuzzy little fruits also offer Vitamin E, folate and fiber. You can spice up your fruit salad or yogurt with a slice of this fruit.

– If you have ever been to a sushi restaurant you may have been offered a bowl of edamame. These soybeans are a staple of the Japanese diet, providing protein without all the saturated fat of meat. Edamame makes for a great appetizer.

Green beans have been a staple for decadent Southern cooking, but there is still a way to make these beans healthy. Green beans are great for your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and provide you with a dose of fiber. Boiling some green beans and sprinkling them with cheese makes for a great side dish.


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