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Home Remedies For Radiant Skin

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: March 03, 2014

Treating your skin at home is a cost-effective method for obtaining radiant and healthy skin. It’s easy to do in just a few minutes of time each day. Pampering your skin will help you look more youthful, radiant and healthy.


Exfoliating the dead-skin cells from your face is the first step to achieving a radiant complexion. Dead-skin cells clog pores and create acne problems. They also leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. You can exfoliate with a simple sugar and jojoba-oil base that not only clarifies your skin, but it can also brighten and liven up your complexion. Buying over-the-counter products for exfoliation also works wonders, but choose products wisely. You don’t want to choose something that will damage your skin more than it will help.

Foods To Eat For Radiant Skin

You are what you eat. This phrase has never been truer. When you consume junk food, it goes into your body and becomes part of your cells. This can lead to skin that looks dull and crusty. It can also cause dry skin. Almonds and nuts are excellent for radiant skin. They provide essential-fatty acids that you need for a healthy glow. You should also drink plenty of water and tea each day. Avoid sugary drinks and excess sugar in your diet in order to see an improvement in your complexion.

Homemade Masks

Homemade masks are a fun way to treat your skin on a budget. You can make a simple oatmeal and honey mask that clears and detoxes your skin. This mask is the oldest and cheapest remedy in the book, and it really does work miracles. The honey is a potent anti-microbial agent, and it will help with acne problems too.

Another homemade mask is to mix plain-Greek yogurt with berries and use it on your face after sun exposure. The anti-oxidants in the berries will provide your skin with nutrients, and the yogurt will cool and soothe the sunburn.

Fake It Until You Make It

Using an illuminating cream or powder on top of your foundation can create the illusion of bright skin. Bronzer in the right spots can do the same trick. Makeup is your best friend if you don’t have naturally radiant skin, but it can be achieved with enough makeup.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Once you have achieved radiant skin, you have to maintain it. Be sure to moisturize your face daily. A simple oil will do the trick. Jojoba, almond, argan and coconut oil are excellent choices. A simple cleanser is also important for radiant skin. You don’t want to overdo the skin products. This will just clog your pores and make your skin problems worsened.

Sunscreen daily is the key to radiant skin for the long run too. You should wear at least SPF 30 each day to see radiant skin for life. This will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Alongside the above tips and tricks, you should be well on your way to radiant skin in no time.



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