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How Do Chia Seeds Speed Up The Slimming Process?

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: November 25, 2014

Chia seeds originate from Salvia hispanica, a Mexican desert plant that has been used for its edible seeds since the time of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Their energy boosting benefits have been touted for centuries, and the seeds have recently grown in popularity due to their health and weight loss benefits.

Along with being highly nutritious, chia seeds have a delicate nutty flavor which makes them palatable and easy to add to any diet. They provide a good source of protein and are a significant provider of omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds also contain calcium, B-vitamins and other minerals. Eating chia seeds is also beneficial because they provide antioxidants that fight free radicals at the cellular level which slows aging and helps to prevent many cancers.

Chia seeds have become popular as a weapon in the battle to lose weight, because they have a very high fiber content. A diet rich in fiber is important in a healthy weight reduction regimen for many reasons. Primarily, fiber acts in the stomach to make an individual feel fuller quicker which in turn decreases the appetite, and chia seeds are unique in that they take longer to digest and keep blood sugar at a more stable level. When chia seeds are in the stomach, a gel coating surrounds the seeds and makes individuals feel satisfied longer. mychiaseeds.com/Articles/Top10ChiaBenefits.htm

A diet can be enriched with chia seeds in a variety of ways. The flavorful seeds are often sprinkled on yogurt and cereal, and they can also be mixed in with drinks and dishes such as rice and pasta. Individuals who love sweets can reduce much of the fat in baked items by substituting half of the oil or butter with chia gel. A delicious pudding can be made from chia seeds that is very similar to tapioca by adding two tablespoons of seeds to one cup of milk. The pudding will gel in about an hour and a sweetener of choice or fruit may be added. How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss | – LIVESTRONG.COM

Persons looking to lose weight in a natural and healthy way without putting a gash in their budget will reap the benefits of adding chia seeds to their diet. When used properly, they are a safe and healthy alternative to dangerous diet pills that can wreak havoc on an individual’s metabolism and mood. It is easy to maintain a healthy weight when the seeds are added to the diet permanently by helping persons to avoid “see-saw” dieting.



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