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How Less Can Be More

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: December 23, 2016

As wonderful as it would be to have infinite energy, we only have so much energy to give to so many things and people in our short time here. While we have this opportunity to make the most of our existence, there are countless things that can clutter our lives and keep us back.

Though it may be a wonderful privilege to have an abundance of things to see and connections to make, we can’t let the things that aren’t worth our time keep us away from the things that truly are. By trying too hard to make room for everything, we run the risk of losing sight of everything that actually deserves our attention.

By making a point of having less of the following things, we can ensure that we have more room for the things that enrich us and help us evolve. Take a moment to consider if you have any of the following things cluttering up your time and energy, and honestly consider whether or not they truly need to be there.

Less Toxic People

Positive influences from positive people in our lives are priceless; toxic people, on the other hand, can be deadly. You may not immediately be aware that a toxic person is suffocating you with their negative energy, but chances are that you’ve dealt with them before.

Is there a person in your life who only seems to be around when they have something to rant or vent about? Are there people who rarely encourage you but act cynical or dismissive towards your plans?

Sometimes, people like this can be people that we’ve known longer than anyone else. No matter how long you may have known an emotional vampire, replacing them with someone who lifts you up and instead of dragging you down is essential.

Less Time Spent Overworking

People oftentimes become so fatigued by work that they lose the energy to devote to their hobbies and friendships. Less hobbies and leisure leads to less happiness, less happiness leads to less productivity at work, which leads to more time spent overcompensating and stressing.

Before you dive into another all-nighter, consider what you could gain by devoting an hour or two to something that creatively or socially fulfills you. A lower salary and a well-rounded life is leagues better than a higher salary and crippling emptiness.

Less Time Spent With Passive Entertainment

Life is fully of little things that take our eyes off of the goal. After you’ve made a commitment to prioritizing your needs and surrounding yourself with positive people, consider your endgame. What is your mission? What do you ultimately want to become, and what value do you want to provide to the world while you’re here?

It’s easy to forget about our driving purpose when they’re drowned out with passive things like TV and alcohol. When you’re alone and have free time, consider spending less time with passive entertainment and more time on activities that bring you closer to actualizing.


As you can see, getting rid of clutter is more than just a matter of cleaning up around the house. Excessive work, procrastination through passive entertainment, and toxic people can limit the range of mobility that we have to reach a better state of life. When you feel overwhelmed at all of the things on your plate, take a step back and honestly assess just what you can make less of in order to have more power and freedom.



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