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How To Become a Vegan Eater. Do’s & Don’ts

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: January 30, 2014

Once the decision has been made to become vegan, it’s important to completely understand what is involved. By definition, a vegan lifestyle incorporates dietary needs from plant-based food; no animal products are consumed. Many will decide that bee honey is included in the list of animal products, but most will allow this sweet nectar to enhance their foods.

Basically, all foods in a vegan diet are grown from the dirt. One easy way to understand if it is allowed in the vegan diet is to ask these questions:

  • Does it have a face?
  • Does it have a mother?

If the answer is yes, then it is not consumed. Also, anything that comes from an animal may not be consumed. This includes seafood, as well as fowl, beef or other living creature.

For example, if eggs or cheese are eaten than that is not being a vegan. Eating these types of animal products is technically what a vegetarian might do. Some vegetarians will consume eggs or other dairy products, but simply avoid the meat. It is only when ALL animal products are eliminated from the diet that true vegan-ism is achieved.

Reasoning behind the decision to become vegan is usually attributed to one of two things, and sometimes both. Many choose to incorporate a total vegan lifestyle that not only disallows animal products in the diet, but keeps the use of clothing or other consumer products to non-animal based materials.

The core value of many vegans is to protect and nurture animals, while valuing their contribution by not eating nor using any products that come from these creatures. However, alot of vegans are simply utilizing this diet as a means to gaining, or regaining, a healthy body.



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