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How To Find Dental Implant Deals

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: May 25, 2016

It may be necessary for a consumer to purchase dental implants because of an unattractive missing tooth or several missing teeth. The teeth may be missing from the mouth because of an accident or because of decay and removal of some other teeth. The cost of dental implants can get pricey. The cost of implants can range from about $1,000 to as much as $10,000. The price may be even higher than that depending on the location of the dentist’s office and the intricacies of the procedure. The shopping experience is necessary to find the best deals for dental care. The following are some ways and places that a patient can obtain a discount on implants by looking for various deals.

Insurance Benefits

The first place that a person can find a deal is through the insurance company. The patient can find a deal by calling the number on the back of the card and finding out where the in-network providers are. Most insurance policies cover more for the procedure if the person chooses a provider that is within the network. For example, the insurance provider may pay for 80 percent of an in-network procedure whereas it would only pay 40 percent of an out-of-network procedure.

Discount Dental Plans

Another way that a patient can find discounts on dental implants is by sifting through discount dental plans and purchasing one of the plans. one place that a person can look is the discount dental plan website. The site is a non-biased site that gives the visitors access to a wealth of information and positive output. Members can get up to 80 percent off dental procedures such as implant installation. Furthermore, dental discount plans don’t have caps, waiting periods or health restrictions. The prospective member just has to pay for the first month of coverage or a year of coverage to get started. The person must check with the dentist to see if the office takes that specific plan for its work, however.

Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions are another way that a patient can save on major dental work such as dental implant placement. An Internet search for the procedure and “coupons” will lead the person to pages where they will see electronic coupons for specific providers. The customers must go to the specified provider to reap the benefits of the coupons and promotions. Many local dentists offer promotions to their new patients as well as generous financing options.

Low-Cost Search

The final options for finding deals on dental implants is to go through a low-cost dental plan medium. Various governmental offices provide subsidies for people who need dental care. Such governmental offices may have discounts for dental implants if the patient or the dentist can make an excellent case that explains why the person needs the implants. If the person can prove the implant is necessary, then a helpful organization may pay a portion of the cost.



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