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Introduction to Kettlebell Training

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: October 02, 2013
Kettleball, or kettlebell, training is a highly effective and intense workout that involves using a weighted kettle-shaped device. They can range in weight from 2.5 pounds to 50 pounds or more. Using a kettleball for training is a quick way to get cardio and strength into your workout. Here are some tips for getting started.

Start Small

Even if you have developed strength already, you want to start small with these weights. Starting small at about five pounds is the recommended amount. Men can start a little higher. The reason for starting low is because you will be doing high-impact moves at a cardio pace. Using heavy weights can result in muscle and skeletal injury.

Be Safe

You should never lift more than you can handle for an extended period of time. It’s important to lift with proper form. You should always have your back straight and core tucked in. This will prevent back and shoulder injuries from happening when you’re doing your workout.

Don’t Do It Too Often

Exercising too often with kettlebells is a quick way to get injured. It’s important to take breaks and use them only three times per week. This will protect your muscles and bones, and it will also allow you to build your strength up safely and quickly.

Moves To Try At Home

The cross chop is one move you can try at home. You hold the kettleball in front of you and swing it up to the right and back down. The motion should mimic a chopping motion. You repeat this with the opposite side for a total of 12 times each side.

Deadlifts are a great move to try with kettleballs. It’s simple and effective. You bend forward with your back straight and lift the weight. It’s a bending motion, but it strengthens the lower back significantly when you perform the motion correctly. It’s important to never lift too much when you are doing this move.

Squats are also perfect for doing when you use the kettlebell. You simply perform a standard squat while holding the weight in front of you and squatting continuously for up to 50 repetitions. This will strengthen your upper body and lower body.

Any other strength you can do with free weights, you can probably do with a kettlebell. It’s best to do a full routine alongside a video or class, but you can still see incredible benefits by doing just a few moves. You will also burn approximately 500 calories in a session.





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