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Jillian Michaels Could Be YOUR Trainer

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: August 28, 2013

Looking to quickly and easily shed some unwanted pounds this Fall?  Check out these simple tips from Jillian Michaels, that are guaranteed to have you dropping pounds and inches. Her tips will keep you staying slim for life and stay on track with your health and fitness goals!

TIP 1- Think Through Your Food Choices

If you are going to choose pizza over that grilled chicken sandwich, think about how you will feel 15 minutes after you are done eating. When you continue to not think through your food choices, is when your body gets bloated from junk food, then the next week you gain weight and by the end of the year you have gained even more. So take that few moments to think about what your body needs, not just wants.

TIP 2- Motivate Yourself By Goals

Think to yourself- why do I want to lose weight? For someone in their 20’s or 30’s it maybe to look good in a bikini. To someone in there 70’s it may be to live to 100. Forming an emotional goal and making mindful decision will be your key to success. Everything you eat is a decision.

TIP 3- Burn More Calories With Weights

Lifting weights gives your body a metabolic spike for up to an hour after a work out.

TIP 4- Ditch The Soda

When it comes to choosing a beverage, do not choose soda. Not even diet soda. It’s terrible for your body; adds weight, dehydrates you, and depletes important minerals and vitamins from your body.

TIP 5- Avoid Over Processed Foods

Stay away from any food or drink label that contains high fructose corn syrup. Know how to read nutritional labels and know what ingredients to avoid.

TIP 6- Making You A Priority

You must take time out of each day for yourself. And why not take that time to exercise your body, in turn, also it will exercise your mind. By practicing positive self-talk and rewarding yourself with feel good rewards when you reach a goal, getting your body moving will become a easy priority.

Want more simple tips to lose weight? Jillian Michaels has created a super easy to use, interactive, customized weight loss program that’s guaranteed to help you shed those unwanted pounds!  

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