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Reviewed: July 10, 2014

Drug and alcohol abuse are a huge problem in our society today. When people reach their lowest point, they need the help of trained professionals to help them kick their habit and turn their life around. Addicts will often check into a rehab drug center to receive treatment for their particular addiction. These are places that are controlled environments that allow the patient to get better without being exposed to the temptations presented to them on the outside. Let’s take a look at what a rehab drug center involves and what people can expect when they check into one:

The first thing that people need to understand is that rehab drug centers are completely voluntary. There are no locks on the doors and you are free to leave at any time. It is up to the patient to take the rehab seriously and to want to get better. No rehab plan is going to be successful unless the patient wants to be there.


Some rehab drug centers have their own detox programs located on the premises, while others will require a patient to complete a detox program before checking into their facility. This basically means that some rehab drug centers want you to get clean before you can check in. The reason for this is because many rehab drug centers are not properly equipped to handle withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and drug addicts.


Rehab drug centers vary greatly. There is not one standard type of facility that you will frequently find. It all depends on what type of environment the operators of the facility want to expose their patients to. Some of the more expensive facilities will resemble vacation resorts, with saunas and spas, while others look more like a primitive camp. These types of rehab drug centers are usually designed to treat teenagers with substance abuse problems.


The most critical component of any rehab program is education. While education techniques will vary based on the particular facility, the goal is to have the patient take a realistic and honest look at their addiction. It is common for addicts to be in denial about the severity of their situation during the early stages of treatment. It is up to the staff of the rehab drug center to make a breakthrough with the patient and get him or her to realize that they could possibly die if they refuse to change their ways. Patients are taught the reasons why addiction occurs and the various effects that alcohol and drugs have on the human body.

Group counseling and therapy

The majority of rehab drug centers will give patients counseling on an individual basis with counselors that are specially trained in the field of addiction. It is also common for facilities to make it mandatory for all patients to participate in group therapy where they can discuss their addiction freely among the other patients and gain insight into the struggles that the other people have faced. This helps them to realize that they are not alone in their quest to become sober. Counseling and therapy sessions are also designed to teach patients how to recognize situations where they are putting their sobriety at risk.



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