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Safe Sipping: Dangers and Tips for Handling Hot Beverages

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: December 14, 2016

Everyone loves a cozy drink, but some people love a steaming hot beverage, which is something that should be reconsidered. A study showed that people who drink hot beverages that are 149 degrees or higher might be at risk of developing esophageal cancer.

How Can a Hot Beverage Cause Cancer?

What may be causing this issue could be constant damage to the esophagus. A hot beverage drinker might not allow the esophagus to repair itself, which could lead to other complications.

This makes it imperative that you know how hot your coffee or hot cocoa really is, just to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk.

Temperatures You Should Know

One of the most popular hot drinks to have at home is coffee. Many Americans start their day off with a hot cup of coffee. Brewing at home takes some skill, and you need to understand how to brew your coffee to get it right. For one, it is important to note that brewing your coffee above 205 Fahrenheit will result in “coffee mouth.” Brewing your coffee under 197 Fahrenheit results in a weak and sour flavor.

This means that most coffee makers are brewing your coffee at a high temperature. You really need to make sure you allow your drink to cool before taking a sip.

Tea drinkers should remember that water boils at around 212 Fahrenheit. The best thing that you can do is purchase a thermometer to make sure that you are not drinking a hot beverage that will put you or anyone in your family at risk. A meat thermometer would work as long as it has been disinfected, but it is best to just buy a thermometer to check the temperature of your hot beverage.

Drinking Hot Beverages in a Restaurant

Drinking your favorite hot drink at a restaurant can be a bit difficult at times. You never know if you are going to get a server who understands your peculiar needs let alone ensure that your drink is not too hot.

You might remember a famouscase where a person sued a well-known coffee maker for serving a drink that was too hot. The drink spilled and scalded the customer. The temperature was estimated to be somewhere between 180 to 190 Fahrenheit, which was determined to be too hot. The lawyers did not argue the fact that the drink was hot enough to cause cancer, but a lawyer could have included that into his or her argument for the customer.

As mentioned earlier, you could just carry around your own thermometer to be safe. Some people might think that is a little too much, and there is another solution. The solution is to simply buy a mug that has a thermometer built in it. All you have to do is make sure that all your drinks are served in that mug. Then, just wait until the mug reaches a safe temperature. Now, you can drink your beverage without worry.



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