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The 7 Worst Foods To Eat At Night

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: December 29, 2014
For many people, the evening hours are the time to wind down and get ready for the following day. When it comes to eating options during this time period, a multitude of options are available, including ones that are almost impossible to pass up.However, in that vast mix of options, there can be dietary minefields that either blow up your attempts to maintain your appearance or wreak havoc with your sleep patterns. In the latter case, that can create issues for the following day.

Here are seven foods that are the worst to eat at night:

A nice bowl of ice cream always sounds nice. The problem is what you’re getting with your evening delight is a potent combination of sugar, which can cause problems when you try to go to sleep, and fat, which could add to your waistline.

This includes pretzels, potato chips and any other type of party-type snack. The reason these can be such a problem is the lack of protein in them and the fried nature of many of these items makes digesting them a much slower process.

This can also include snacks, but often tends to focus on another nighttime staple: pasta, specifically pizza. Cheese is loaded with fat, so if you must indulge in it, Swiss cheese might be an option, since it causes fewer reflux issues.

A fast food offering might be one example in this area, but even making something at home that’s loaded with grease is asking for trouble. The fat that makes this food taste so good will quickly take a toll in other areas.

Like greasy foods, eating food with a spicy bite can become a problem later in the evening, due to indigestion. It also raises your core temperature, and can mean that you won’t get the sleep you need. That puts you at a disadvantage the next day.

A big steak is always nice, but the combination of fat and protein in any form of red meat means that it will take longer to digest. Plus, it actually stimulates endorphin glands that will likely cause you some tossing and turning in bed.

This can always be the delicious conclusion to a meal or simply a snack a few hours later. The problem is this product is filled with sugar and caffeine, which can have you tossing and turning—not to mention adding a pound or two.

Some foods that ARE good for you at night include fruits like cherries or bananas, cottage cheese or a sweet potato. You might even try turkey, given the effect tryptophan has on people at Thanksgiving.

The simple suggestion is to be aware of what you’re eating, so that there will be no surprises after the food is eaten. Doing that will give you greater peace of mind.



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