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The Benefits of Eating Steel-Cut Oats for Breakfast Everyday

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: April 07, 2017
Before supermarkets were flooded with cold cereals that have more sugar than nutrition in them, it was common for families to sit down together to have a hot bowl of oats in the morning. But they weren’t eating the instant packets of oats that also have lots of sugar and artificial flavors. They had a type called “steel-cut” oats, which is made using a process that slices the grains into smaller pieces. It still takes a little longer to cook them, but not as long as it would if they were left whole. This article will discuss all the benefits of eating this breakfast favorite and a recipe for making a quick, healthy version of them in the refrigerator.

Better Blood Sugar Levels

Steel-cut oats take longer to digest than the ground-up kind. So even though they contain carbohydrates for energy, only a little bit of them are released at a time. That means, blood sugar levels don’t spike suddenly, then crash an hour or two later. Stable blood sugar levels are crucial to preventing type-two diabetes and a wide range of illnesses.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

When eaten on a daily basis, steel-cut oats are able to lower a person’s overall cholesterol level and their low-density lipoprotein (LDL). There is no effect on their high-density lipoprotein (HDL) level or triglycerides. And it has been proven to be the most effective at lowering “bad” cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Weight Loss

Since steel-cut oats are a whole grain product, a good portion of them can help a person feel fuller for longer than they normally would. This helps prevent the urge to snack on unhealthy foods in between meals. And as mentioned above, they keep blood sugar levels stable, which also helps people lose weight because the body will burn fat for energy when there isn’t a flood of sugar in the bloodstream.

Refrigerator Oats

One of the main reasons that people skip over oatmeal is that they don’t have enough time to cook it in the morning. But there is an easy way to make it in the refrigerator, so it is ready to eat as soon as someone wakes up. First, get a mason jar or some other tall, resealable container. Then, layer dry oats with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Put the lid on, and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. The oats will absorb the moisture from the yogurt and fruit, so it won’t be dry when someone eats it. These breakfast jars can be made up about three days in advance. Those who prefer the more traditional variety of oats can also just pour skim milk or almond milk over plain oats in a jar.



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