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The Tricks for a Smooth Bikini Shave

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: May 16, 2017

There is nothing worse than sentencing your bikini line to the irritating sting of a less than ideal shave. The unsightly red bumps, the inflamed skin, and every girl’s nemesis, ingrown hairs are the tell tale sign of an area afflicted with razor burn. Sometimes achieving a smooth, even shave can seem like trying to find a leprechaun in a field of four leaf clovers. However, there are a few tips and tricks that anyone can implement on their search for the perfect bikini line shave.

What causes razor burn?
Unfortunately, there isn’t one single catalyst that causes razor burn. In order to understand how to fix the problem, however, you need to know what’s causing it. There are several common contributing factors.

1) You are using a dull razor. This also applies to razors that are potentially caked with old products (soap, shaving cream, etc.).
2) You shave without any products that help soften the hair follicle or a product is getting used that irritates your skin.
3) You aren’t shaving with the direction of the hair and repeatedly go over an area several times.

Not surprisingly, when attention is paid to those areas, many will find that their skin becomes smoother faster than they would have thought.

Love thy Razor as Thyself
Listen, I understand how replacing a razor is a non-issue until it is all of the sudden a crisis. It’s browning with age and rust, it’s caked over with old soap, or it has hair left over from the last shaving venture. However, for your bikini line, it is most ideal to have the sharpest razor possible. If this isn’t a realistic option (because lets face it, razors are expensive) there are also bikini line specific razors on the market. Don’t hesitate to try these. Don’t store them in the shower to avoid water damage and only use them on your bikini line so they don’t become dull by being used on other areas.

All Products are not Created Equal
First and foremost, use a product! This can solve so many razor burn associated problems. They soften the hair follicle and soothe the skin. If you use a product and still notice some skin irritation, that can be a good indication that there is an ingredient in that product that your skin isn’t agreeing with. So don’t be bound to a single product. Try different things and see which one works for your individual anatomy.

The Golden Rule
If you take nothing else away from this article, do not shave against the grain of your hair! With it, always go with it. Also, try to avoid excessive passes over a single area. That is the sort of thing that irritates the skin.

Razor burn need not be the looming nightmare of shaving your bikini line. With just a couple of changes in routine, most will notice an immediate improvement in the surface of their skin.



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