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Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: July 18, 2016

Cancer cases have been on the rise in the recent years. It’s important to note that one may contribute to reducing the rising cancer statistics by living healthy. Most cancers are as a result of our lifestyles; things that are in our control. The various types of lung cancer are controllable as well.

You have control over lung cancer
We have control over the decisions we make in life, although others make them ignoring the consequences of their actions. Not once have you learned of the risk of smoking, well, some start smoking as a way of rebellion, during their teenage, and other get into smoking through peer influence. Smoking heightens your risk of contracting primary lung cancer (non-small cell lung cancer), more especially squamous cell cancer, one of the types of lung cancer. Some of these cancers are not treatable, so to be on the safer side, quite smoking. You can quit through the help of a doctor. If you haven’t started smoking, don’t start.

Since cancer can spread, from other parts of the body to your lung. It necessary to avoid contacting, any cancer altogether. It is probable that secondary lung cancer can spread from breast cancer, when diagnosed fast and treated in time; the breast cancer treatment may respond well to some types of lung cancer. Women may be a little safer since, their breast cancer spreads slower than that of men, however, its best to seek help in time. Lung cancer spreads fast; large cell carcinoma, therefore, since you know not the type of cancer your lung may contact, whether small cell cancer or non-small cell cancer. Always seek treatment soonest possible. Let your doctor, be the one to dismiss your suspicion, don’t do it yourself.

Kick away cancer from your life
Cancer is no friend to anyone, and no one would like to hear that their friend or a family member has a cancer diagnosis. In as much as it’s not a death sentence. The fund and time that goes into the treatment are directable elsewhere. Strive to keep cancer away from your life and that of your family as much as possible. Eating healthy always and exercising, will always enhance your state of health. Any disease will be afraid to enter a healthy body; that’s the way to go. You can say goodbye to primary lung cancer and all types of cancer that may attract secondary lung cancer to your side.



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