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Where Does The Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: February 11, 2016

When we’re on a diet, exercising and working hard to lose weight, we often become obsessed with fat. How many calories did we use up? How many pounds did we lose? How many ounces does this contain and so forth.

Most importantly, did you ever wonder where the fat goes when we lose weight?

We hear action verbs like “melting, burning, zapping,” when it comes to the fight against fat.

Truthfully, disappearing fat has everything to do with breathing. That is why “Waiting to Exhale” perfectly complements the situation. It’s a great title for a great movie, and in this analogy, makes a lot of sense.

Fat makes the journey through our body first in the digestive system. The most common fat we as humans store are known as triglycerides, and these are involved in a network of steps in this biochemical reaction. The burning of triglycerides is going on, but the fat is not being converted to muscle, as the old myth has us believe. Plus, our fat is not exiting when we make a trip to the bathroom.

According to an explanation by the NPR.Org, our metabolized fat morphs into carbon dioxide, water and energy, and we exhale the carbon dioxide or majority of lost fat. The remaining fat leaves the body through the excretion of water. So, if you’re using running as an added activity, you will also shed more fat, because you are exhaling more CO2.

In other words, our fat changes into another form as it exits our being, and it is our lungs which are doing all the work for the excretion of weight loss. Not many people are actually aware of this fascinating fat journey. Those who are super athletes, doctors and nutritionists are not always educated in the complex oxidation process.

The British Medical Journal decided to conduct a thorough study into the travel of fat and where it goes when someone loses weight.

For example, the researchers calculated that to burn 22 lbs. of fat, a person needs to inhale 64 lbs. of oxygen. The chemical reaction of burning that fat will produce 62 lbs. of carbon dioxide and 24 lbs of water.

So, next time you think about fat and how it disappears, remember Waiting to Exhale, and thank your lungs for working overtime.



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