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Why Matcha Tea is Better Than Regular Green Tea

By eHealthIQ
Reviewed: January 11, 2017
Green tea has become all the rage, since it boosts the metabolism and increases energy levels. But it also has high levels of caffeine. So if a person drinks more than one cup of it, they may end up feeling on edge and shaky. They will also experience an increase in their heart rate and blood pressure. Because of this, health enthusiasts all over the world are choosing to switch to a special kind of green tea called matcha. Read on to find out more about how it offers all the benefits of green tea without the harmful side effects.

Antioxidants and Vitamins Galore

One cup of matcha tea has ten times the amount of antioxidants than one cup of regular green tea does. One of the most important of them all is a phytochemical called “EGCg” that can improve the immune system and help fight against diseases, such as cancer. Matcha is also full of other vitamins and minerals that most types of teas don’t have, especially zinc, selenium, magnesium, and chromium. And it has high levels of chlorophyll that helps to detox the body too.

Calming Properties

Unlike regular green tea and coffee, matcha doesn’t increase a person’s heart rate or blood pressure. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t boost energy though. Many coffee drinkers have switched to matcha for their morning brew because it gives them a sustained level of energy throughout the day that doesn’t drop off like other caffeinated beverages. It also makes them feel calm and focused, so they can still concentrate on things that they need to do. Matcha’s calming effect is due to the significant amount of L-theanine that it is loaded with. This benefit of matcha was discovered many years ago by people who found that it helped them to be able to continue mediating for an extended amount of time without becoming tired.

Improved Quality

Most tea is brewed with bits of dried tea leaves that are removed after they steep in hot water. That is because the tea leaves don’t dissolve, and it is uncomfortable to drink tea that has pieces of leaves still in it. Matcha is processed differently though. The leaves are first steamed to prevent them from degrading. Then, they are dried and powdered. So when hot water is poured over them, the leaves completely dissolve. This allows more nutrition to go into the body.

Pleasant Taste

The high amount of chlorophyll in matcha causes it to taste like fresh grass. So when a bit of honey is whisked into it, it is said to be similar to wheatgrass juice. But some people really enjoy the flavor without any additional sweeteners being added.



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